We are a full service interactive experience production house, specializing in unique, immersive experiences for a variety of platforms. Here are some of our projects.



VR MKUltra Escape Room 

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You are Agent Zero. Your mission is to assassinate Benjamin Miller, a radical journalist who broke into CIA facilities and stole top secret chemical weapons research. Things quickly take a dark turn as you learn the truth of what Miller was searching for that night.

About The Project

The Price of Freedom is a single player episodic action adventure virtual reality game series, based on a terrifying True Story. Set during the Cold War, the events of the story are based on the real life CIA operations of Project MKUltra, the covert CIA mind control program where the CIA experimented on human subjects to develop mind control drugs and interrogation techniques. 


We had a few design goals we wanted to achieve with this experience. The first was to tell a mature complex story through interaction. We developed four different iterations of the story through the course of several months. We further refined the interactions and level design to create an immersive space that would convey the intended story. In addition we wanted to create a fully immersive environment that required no traditional UI. All UI in the experience is skeuomorphic, and involves real world interactions. We developed a movement system based on doors.


During the production of Price of Freedom we discovered that creating quality, immersive Virtual Reality required more time and refinement than traditional games. During development we began developing in house tools to speed up the 3D modeling to Game Engine Pipeline: these tools would be the beginnings of Vera.


The Price of Freedom was released in Dec. 2016 to overwhelming success. The experience has recieved near unanimous critical praise for its immersive story and retains a 97% positive rating on Steam. The experience has been featured at Sundance, and nominated for Best Narrative Experience and Best Cinematic Experience at Unity Vision Summit and Best VR Game at the Brazilian Indie Game Awards.


Augmented Reality Booth Display


AR Booth Display for RL Solutions

Construct Studio was tasked with creating an interactive booth display for the medical software company RL Solutions. This project was meant to inform conference goers of their product suite and its features in an easy approachable format. 

About The Project

RL Solutions is a medical software company based out of Toronto. They provide the tools needed to gather and leverage data to drive improvement initiatives.


Wanting to deviate from the traditional static booth display, the client had an idea for presenting their product information in the form of an Augmented Reality scavenger hunt. Guests were provided with an Ipad and directed to explore a large graphic printed on the wall of their booth. As they came closer to a point of interest, a flurry of particles would be displayed followed by a virtually superimposed themed playing card. Once tapped, this virtual playing card would flip over to display the features of the software component being explained. Once all of the cards have been collected, the guest is instructed to collect their prize from a booth attendant. 


This experience was built using Vuforia, Maya, Unity, and our proprietary content creation toolkit VERA. 


The scavenger hunt was shown at the APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology)- Infection Prevention and You annual conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center. It ran reliably through the course of the conference and was well received by both the client and conference goers that experienced it. 


Swingscape Interactive Installation



Every child has tirelessly pumped her legs on a swing in the hopes of flying right over the frame. Drawing on this collective fantasy, Swingscape enables the impossible by suspending a viewer from a swing in the physical world, while allowing her to soar through the virtual. Having marveled at the eagerness of the human brain to suspend disbelief in response to a virtual experience presented only visually, our project goes one step further by combining the physical with the virtual to experiment with an even more complex form of engagement. As technology improves and we continue to blur the line between the virtual worlds and our everyday lives, our very perception of reality may come into question.

Swingscape VR

About The Project

Swingscape is a collaboration between Construct Studio's CEO Joel Ogden and San Francisco based artist Anna Landa, with the help of the team at Construct Studio. It was completed for Adobe's Festival of the Impossible at the Minnesota Street Art Gallery. 


Great measures were taken on this project to address nausea and other safety concerns. We cut down on nausea by allowing the guest to move themselves through the space opposed to moving them artificially. We used a stationary reference points in the virtual world, with clouds breaking up their view and providing a reason to continue swinging. The chair is intentionally heavy to keep people from swinging too high along with text warnings to inform them if their swinging is out of control. A thick foam mat, covered with AstroTurf provides a comfortable surface to walk on, protects the equipment from breaking if accidentally dropped, and offers a layer of protection if the guest does fall from the chair. 


The swing set was custom built by furniture maker Scott Wynn, with the chair and other components being sourced online. We An HTC Vive was chosen for its higher refresh rate and large tracking space. The experience was built in Maya and Unity, using our custom toolkit VERA to prototype new scenes quicker and allow our artists to bring in assets with minimal help from our engineers. 


Swingscape was operational for 3 days where it was met with considerable fan-fair. There was a line out the door each day it was showing, with an average of 200 people being put through the minute and a half experience each day it was running. The event was covered by Wired, SF Station and CNET. The Swingscape is still available for permanent or temporary installation. Please contact us to learn more. 


Augmented Reality
Christmas Tree



Developed for the VR Scout Christmas Party in conjunction with ADVR, this AR app allows guest to spawn a Christmas tree in the middle of the room, as if by magic. Users can place ornaments and season greetings on the tree, as well as browse messages left by other guests in real time. As the night goes on the tree fills up and sparkles with life.

About The Project

Construct was approached by ADVR and VRScout to complete the AR Christmas Tree project. The catch: the project needed to go live in ten days.


Despite the time pressure, we were able to design and develop a complete, magical experience. We took great care with user flow design, planning how users would approach the tree, move through the space, and designing the steps to create and decorate the tree to be as intuitive as possible, requiring less intervention from VRScout staff. We also focused on creating small surprises, such as a train, special effects, and fun ornaments, further enhancing the experience. 


The client requested an AR Christmas Tree large enough to walk around, and that would be in the same spot for every person at the event. Thus the tree needed to generate on a marker, retain its position in the room even when its marker wasn’t visible in the device - something out of box AR packages such as Vuforia does not provide. We devised our own technical method to achieve this, and were able to deliver the experience the client requested.


In the end we were proud to deliver a refined holiday experience in a short amount of time, and received great positive feedbacks from the party guests about the experience.


Virtual Reality
360° Film



Imago is a 10 minute Virtual Reality short film, designed to explore serious storytelling in the VR Space. Viewers of IMAGO can look around a full 360 degrees, and experience 3D audio. Sam is a former dancer, who now suffers from Locked In Syndrome – the inability to move or communicate, despite being aware of one’s surrounding’s. Viewers are taken on a journey through Sam’s mind and explores Sam’s relationships, fears and hopes, all told through narrative, dance, and abstract imagery. 

About The Project

The members of Construct were approached with a client project to research emotion in the brand new medium of 360 film. In the process, the team produced the 10 minute, award winning piece Imago. We researched and documented different techniques and immersion methods for creating presence in a Virtual Reality space.


With 360 film being such a new medium, the team spent time researching film and trying different techniques to create emotional immersion and presence. Noting the lack of interaction in the medium, we developed a story centered around a character with Locked in Syndrome (the inability to move), and designed a ten minute experience split narrative, dance performance, and abstract 3D environment to tell the character’s inner story.  We played with moments of giving and denying eye contact to create empathy for the plight of the main character: a key component to immersion in 360 film.


The project preceded the advent of 360 film cameras, so the team used a rig with GoPro cameras, and painstakingly stitched together the footage after filming. Realizing the importance of a clean stitch to immersion, and the lack of guidance in stitching 360 video, the team developed their own techniques for stitching the film.


The resulting piece and research was featured in the VR Village at Siggraph. In addition Imago was honorable mention for Best 360 Film at the Unity VR/AR Vision Summit, and featured at ArtandVR, San Francisco Virtual Reality (SFVR), VIVID Toronto Pop-up Cinema, and The Art of Dying Virtual+Augmented Reality Art Show.


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