What is VERA?


VERA is a simple template system for developing assets in VR. Traditional pipelines has 3D Modelers creating meshes, and then programmers adding functionality to the mesh in a game engine. With VERA, functionality is defined according to templates at any stage of the pipeline.


Not a programmer? VERA lets you add functionality to objects with no code.

Not an artist? VERA can apply functionality to any 2D/3D model.

VERA empowers storytellers, filmmakers, artists and all the creatives to bring content directly into Virtual Reality without even having to write a line of code.


Feature 1

Simple templates adds VR functionality to models - no work in Unity required

Feature 2

Templates pieces are designed to work together. Set up a room light, and a light switch, then quickly link them together.

Feature 3

Bake in custom hand animations and grip positions to grabable object meshes. Vera will set up animators automatically and call the correct poses when your VR hands hover over or pick up the object.

Feature 4

Add Collision, sounds, breakable meshes, lights, snap points, and more to meshes, all from your 3D Modeling software

Feature 5

Our kit system makes it easy to design interlocking architecture pieces - making level design and building a snap.

Feature 6 

Store FBXs in a library that automatically syncs with your Maya and Unity projects

Feature 7

Use Library window to browse Vera kit pieces, and create new pieces