Joel Ogden
Chuck Tsung-Han Lee
Amy Stewart
(above three are currently at Construct Studio) 
Jaehee Cho
Jack Tsung-Yu Tsai
Eric Junwen Chen 

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Imago is a 9 minute Virtual Reality Short film, designed to explore serious storytelling in the VR Space. Viewers of Imago can look around a full 360 degrees, and experience 3D audio. Imago is the work of Project Hypnos, which brought together artists and technologists of different disciplines to explore and develop Virtual Reality filmmaking techniques for narrative purposes. The film is the culmination of several experimental demos created by the Hypnos team, and utilizes artistic and technical techniques developed by the team.

Sam is a former dancer, who now suffers from Locked In Syndrome - the inability to move or communicate, despite being aware of one's surroundings. Sam's mother insist that there is still life, while Julie, Sam's sister, remains unsure. Viewers are taken on a journey through Sam's mind and explores Sam's relationships, fears and hopes all told through narrative, dance, and abstract imagery. Is there a way Sam can communicate with Julie, and reestablish their once strong bond?


Imago was created by Project Hypnos, a graduate school research team at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center tasked with exploring the perception of emotion in virtual reality. What started as a short proof-of-concept inspired by the death a team member's grandfather, quickly grew into a full blown production involving various departments and external organizations. Since its completion in May of 2015, Imago has been featured at SIGGRAPH 2016, Unity VR/AR Vision Summit, San Francisco Virtual Reality, VIVID Toronto Pop-up Cinema, and The Art of Dying Virtual + Augmented Reality Art Show.





  • Featured VR Film, SIGGRAPH 2016
  • Honorable Mention, Unity VR/AR Vision Summit 2016
  • Featured VR Film, San Francisco Virtual Reality (SFVR)
  • Featured VR Film, VIVID Toronto Pop-up Cinema
  • Featured VR Film, The Art of Dying Virtual + Augmented Reality Art Show


Written by
Amy Stewart

Video Stitched by
Jack Tsung-Yu Tsai & Chuck Tsung-Han Lee

3D Artist
Joel Ogden

Effects by
Jaehee Cho & Jiahao Xia

Music by
Kirstin Rispin

Special Thanks
Ralph Vituccio
Brenda Harger
Carnegie Mellon University
Entertainment Technology Center (ETC)

Directed by
Jaehee Cho & Joel Ogden

Produced by
Chuck Tsung-Han Lee

Technical Artist
Jack Tsung-Yu Tsai

Programming by
Eric Junwen Chen

Sound Design by
Amy Stewart

Choreographed by
Eun Young Ahn

Tami Dixon
Jeffrey Carpenter
Jackie Mishol