Construct Studio


Construct Studio
Based in San Francisco, CA, USA

Founding date:
June, 2016


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The Price of Freedom (Steam)

1535 Mission Street
San Francisco
CA 94103



Construct Studio is a bilingual independent studio dedicated to creating interactive narrative experiences for virtual reality.


Early history

In 2014, our founding members started a project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center, exploring narrative filmmaking techniques in Virtual Reality. The resulting VR film, Imago, combined narrative storytelling, dance, and CG to create a fully immersive experience. The film made use of concepts of presence in Virtual Reality as they affect immersion, and has been featured in SIGGRAPH 2016, San Francisco Virtual Reality, VIVID Toronto VR Film Festival, and the Unity VR/AR Vision Summit. 

Since then

Building from the VR film Imago, our team has now come together as Construct Studio to move this medium further. We aspire to bridge film and game mediums to create immersive VR storytelling experiences. We believe the most immersive storytelling technique in virtual reality is interaction, where the audience can not only watch the story but participate as the protagonist and experience things around them. 

Currently, Construct Studio is working on an episodic series project, The Price of Freedom. The first episode was released on Steam in December 2016. 



The Price of Freedom



Logo & Icon

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Awards & Recognition


  • Featured VR Film, SIGGRAPH 2016
  • Honorable Mention, Unity VR/AR Vision Summit 2016
  • Featured VR Film, San Francisco Virtual Reality (SFVR)
  • Featured VR Film, VIVID Toronto Pop-up Cinema
  • Featured VR Film, The Art of Dying Virtual + Augmented Reality Art Show

The Price of Freedom

  • Featured on the Steam's front page as the Top 3rd Popular New Releases after releasing for 12 days
  • Top 10 Score Rank on Steam in VR category

Selected Article

"‪The Price of Freedom is a visually arresting piece and, despite a short playtime of 15-20 minutes, it manages to set up and execute one of the most unsettling and powerful narrative moments I’ve ever seen in VR."
Joe Durbin, Upload VR