What’s Life As an Intern at Wevr?

I’m Chuck Tsung-Han Lee. I have been a Product Intern at Wevr for 15 weeks, and today is my last day at Wevr. It was a beautiful journey.

In the meantime, I’m also a graduate student from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center(ETC), Master of Entertainment Technology, and that’s where I found Virtual Reality. Then I decided to follow Virtual Reality as my career path.

Thanks to Carl Rosendahl, one of my favorite professors, Tony Parisi met me at our satellite ETC SV campus which embeds in Electronic Arts in Redwood City. He always wanted me to talk about the “joke” how we met — Tony found me in the bathroom. Long story short, he went to bathroom, and I went after him but “not on purpose”.

“Oh actually I’m looking for an internship.”, I said.

“Oh maybe I can hire you.”

Then he... Read more