Room-Scale Will Be a Bigger Thing Next Year

Of course, PSVR definitely has the better price against Vive or Rift.

We don’t even need a prediction of PSVR for selling the most VR headsets. among these three within this VR year one 2016. With around 36M PS4s out there, people could pay much less to get a PSVR than Vive or Rift which needs another $1000 PC.

My point is, if VR is just a sitting experience but not room-scale, it won’t last long. The reason makes people excited for VR games is that, this is a whole new way to play games. I was very excited the first time I played VR which is around 1.5 year ago, even though it was not a fun game. The “platform”, makes us excited. It has new rules of games, new design of games. And not just gamers, developers are feeling even more excited to see this new platform. Because it’s worth to be excited. Finally, designers have new design rules to think about; developers need to think in a new way; artists will be taken care more; and we need professional sound designers so bad... Read more