What We Do

We are a full service interactive experience production firm. We specialize in unique, immersive experiences for a variety of platforms. Whether you are looking for a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) experience to a full blown Virtual Reality (VR) game production, we’ve got you covered.

Our Philosophy

VR and AR are more than new technologies, they are new design mediums. Our team of creative thinkers are well versed in interactive design in VR/AR, so your experience will truly take users to a new place. We pride ourselves on quality, and forging new solutions to technical problems in order to create the best work possible.

Our Technology

We use our custom developed tool VERA to speed up content development - helping to create more immersive experiences at a lower cost.



Our IP and Products


The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom is a single player episodic action adventure VR game series, based on a terrifying True Story. Set during the Cold War, the events of the story are based on the real life CIA operations of Project MKUltra, the covert CIA mind control program where the CIA experimented on human subjects to develop mind control drugs and interrogation techniques. 



While creating The Price of Freedom, we faced challenges in creating the amount of content we needed at the pace we needed it. As a result, we conceived and built VERA - a tool that accelerates the entire interactive 3D development pipeline. Our mission is to help the whole interactive 3D content creation industry, including Virtual and Augmented reality, grow by making content creation faster and more efficient.


Core Team

Joel Ogden

Joel Ogden

CEO & Creative Director / Co-Founder

Joel is a combat veteran turned artist and designer. He is best known as the director of the interactive VR spy drama The Price of Freedom and the production designer for the award winning VR film Imago, and recently noted as one of Variety Magazine's "10 VR Innovators to Watch".

Chuck Tsung-Han Lee

Chuck Tsung-Han Lee

Head of Business Dev & Operations / Co-Founder

Chuck is an entrepreneur and a VR/AR evangelist. He worked at Microsoft XBOX RSM team and pioneer VR content company Wevr. He was also the project lead for Narrative VR Film Imago and Mixed Reality game Garden. Chuck is now the VP and Head of Business Development at Construct Studio.

Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart

Director of Engineering / LEAD Writer

Amy is a writer, programmer and designer who worked as a Flash and UI Developer for 7 years. In addition to her work for Construct Studio, She was also the lead writer of Imago, instructor teaching Unity at Upload Collective, and Game Designer for the award winning Beatstep Cowboys.

Larry YuCheng Chang

Larry YuCheng Chang

Audio Director

Larry is a game and film composer. He is dedicated to creating immersive linear and interactive audio experiences. He utilizes his audio knowledge from Eastern and Western cultures to bring a new type of listening experience to viewing audiences. 

Ben Miller

Ben Miller

Artist & UI Programmer

Ben is a 3D artist whose affinity for the explicable details of reality can be seen in every aspect of his work, from the sculptural anatomy of his prints to the technical proficiency of his portrait reliefs. He hopes to continue building his artistic foundations with each passing project. 

Mike Varner

Michael Varner

SEnior Software Engineer

Mike is a generalist software engineer and product designer with a broad set of experiences stretching across disciplines that have fortunately aligned with his own personal interests. With a background in analytics, systems infrastructure, web, music, and most recently VR software development, he loves to flex as many of those skills as he can to produce something that always delights.


Where We Come From

We are Construct Studio, a studio experienced in creating interactive narrative experiences. Construct grew out of a research project on virtual reality filmmaking at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. Three members of the project - Joel, Chuck and Amy - decided to continue working together after graduation to push forward virtual and augmented reality as a storytelling medium. 


Our Advisors


Tony Parisi

Head of AR/VR, Unity

Tony is one of the early pioneers in Virtual Reality. He is the co-creator of Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), and is now the head of VR/AR Strategy at Unity.


Carl Rosendahl


Carl is the founder of PDI. Before being acquired by Dreamworks for their pipeline, PDI produced the animated feature films Antz, Shrek and Madagascar.


Masaru Ohnogi

Head of America, gumi Inc.

Masura Ohnogi "Nogi" is the Head of Global Business Development at one of the biggest mobile game companies in Japan and is directly involved in the establishment of global subsidiaries.


Kevin Leung

President, HTC Vive Shenzhen

Kevin has 20 years of experience with Entertainment, Investment and Hardware markets in China. He is currently the President of  HTC Vive’s  Shenzhen division.


Our Hardware Partners


Sharing What We've Learned

We've learned a lot since we started Construct Studio in 2016, from both content and tool development. We love to share because we understand that all of the developers need to learn from each other in order to help this new industry grow faster.